Peter Parpan’s art celebrates the basic elements of design. Whether working with paint, wood, clay, found objects or a computer, the art is simply about finding balance and harmony through line, color, shape, texture and form.
Peter first started taking art seriously at age 15. He grew up in the suburbs of New York City in the early 90’s, a time when graffiti, hip hop, club and street culture were evolving in exciting new ways. To this day Peter’s work seeks to capture the excitement of those formative years. “I remember seeing a Keith Haring retrospective at the Queens Museum. I was blown away by how impacting yet simple the work was and I remember thinking I wanted to do that.”
Peter studied animation in Philadelphia and worked in New York City making digital illustration and animation for clients such as The Roots, Jib Jab and Mark Bode. He eventually lost interest in sitting in front of a computer making things that live behind a screen, and longed for a more hands-on approach to creativity he enjoyed as a kid. He sought an apprenticeship with notable studio craft furniture maker David N. Ebner. During four years working for Mr. Ebner, Peter received the education of a lifetime, learning the techniques of fine woodworking. It was also around this time that mid-century aesthetics began to inform Peter’s work and blend with the street culture influences of his youth.
Longing to live closer to nature and afford space to make art, Peter moved to Asheville, NC, in 2006. Peter has established himself in Asheville as a fine artist, muralist, commercial designer, and occasional curator, hosting art shows and fabricating signage and interiors for businesses in Asheville and the region. A notable commercial project is his exterior design and fabrication work for the new LaZoom comedy tour bus.
Peter lives with his daughter and works from a newly built home studio in West Asheville, North Carolina. He welcomes commissions and sales inquiries for fine art and commercial projects. His art and signage can be shipped just about anywhere and he is eager to travel for art shows and commercial opportunities.

Clients include: LaZoom, Katuah Market, Mellow Mushroom, Imperial Life, Biscuit Head, Short Street Cakes, Duncan & York, The Littlest Birds, Whist, Honeypot, Bobo Pho, Eclipse Salon, Studio Zahiya, Forever Tattoo, Hot Stuff Tattoo, Tiger Mountain, Luella’s BBQ


photo: Jei Shepard